Dancing With The Devil

The games your mind can play are tricks I’m familiar with love.

You can try to suppress your deviousness
But your crooked smile is bound to betray you.

Shroud your conniving eyes with blankets of forced naivety
But they will always be doors to your dark soul.

You may cloak your treacherous heart with veils of feigned loyalty
But I will see through your false facade.

Deceit wears a garb of innocence my love
And I’ve mastered dancing with the devil.

By Tanya

(Picture Credits – blessedwildapplegirl.blogspot.com)

9 thoughts on “Dancing With The Devil

  1. The myriad of tones in your articles is fascinating. I guess it’s only possible when you veritably front your mood of the moment. This one sees right through me and kinda makes me uncomfortable. (:


  2. Absolutely. Good for you as you’re writing some sharply piercing lines and I’m just glad to find something so relatable on the Internet. I say keep it up. (:

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  3. There is the love that’s romanticized in the trees and the birds and the wind and colours of the rainbow and then there is love that is pain and suffering that really makes you grow. Gripping imagery. Touched quite a nerve there.

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    1. Thank you Aristotle! You’re too kind. This was a poem I wrote many years ago. I’m glad to know something in it appealed to you. Will drop by your blog soon. 😊


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