I know now all too well

That love fades from kiss to kiss.

Affections die and passions wane.

And flames that once set hearts ablaze

Are quenched as all feelings drain.

Like dwindling fires smothered in rain.

Maybe love is designed to fail.

To hurt, sting, burn and maim.

To make hearts crumble in flames

Till smoke, dust and ashes remain.

Making lovers strangers again.

I know now all too well.

~ By Tanya ~

18 thoughts on “Flames

      1. Mr. plinoblog please stop spamming my blog. I’m tired of deleting your inappropriate comments. I don’t know you, please don’t try and get personal. Here’s hoping you grow up.


  1. You write exceptionally good! ‘Love fades away from kiss to kiss’ and ‘Maybe love is designed to fail’, particularly these 2 lines are damn beautiful and poignant at the same time! I am grateful that I came across your blog, what better than a thought provoking poem on a boring Sunday afternoon! Have a nice day friend! πŸ™‚


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