A Cocktail Of Urdu Poetry


I stopped praying to the Almighty after I met you. What are you supposed to do when a person becomes your God? I admit, I was never a fanatic, but in you I found my true religion as I started to get intoxicated in your love. Now that I’m coming back to my senses, it dawns on me that God doesn’t  belong to just one. That you have been unfaithful, with that I have no grievance. But I would have been deeply grieved if you had chosen to be faithful to someone other than me. And am I not a fool to expect faithfulness from you, someone whose loyalties lie with no one.

I can’t blame you. I could never get myself to tell you how much my heart craved for you and you could never understand my silence. Like a sailor on a ship who never really gets to touch the sea, you couldn’t go past my eyes and dive into my heart. My heart so juvenile – clinging to a person who wants me to leave but won’t let me move on. These shackles of love are so strange, my sweet – neither have you chained me, nor have I escaped.

And this ravaged heart of mine, so stubborn, so willful and defiant! It continues to walk these roads that lead to you. In the fear of separation, it is going to meet its end.  If it was so easy to separate from someone, dear heart, angels wouldn’t be sent down to take the soul away from the body. But when my heart does yield to the pangs of  separation, I am sure to drown with it. Bury this restless traitor with me, my love, and you will see how a tomb can exist within a tomb.  But let the light of your memories stay with me darling, who knows how dark it’s going to get inside.

Who were these people who got love for love – I wonder!

Though much is lost in translation, I hope this remix/cocktail of my favorite Urdu quotes will help you understand the essence of love Urdu style.

Here are the extracts from the original verses I used for the post:

  • Bandagi hum ne chod di hai ‘faraz’
    Kya karen jab log khuda ho jaa.en  (Ahmed Faraz)


  • Hum ne mohabbat ke nashe mai aakar use apna khuda bana daala
    Hosh tab aaya jab usne kaha ki khuda kisi ek ka nahi hota. (Ghalib) 


  • Hum khuda ke kabhi qaa.il hi na the
    Unko dekha toh khuda yaad aaya (Mir Taqi Mir)

  • Nahi shikvaa mujhe kuchh bewafaai ka teri hargiz
    Gilaa tab ho agar tu ne kisi se bhi nibhaii ho (Khwaja Meer Dard)

  • Ham ko unse hai wafa hi ummid
    Jo nahi jaante vafa kya hai (Ghalib)

  • Hum labon se keh na paa.ye un se  haal-ae-dil kabhi
    Aur wo samjhe nahi ye khamoshi kya cheez hai (Nida Fazli)

  • Aankhon mai raha dil mein uttar kar nahi dekha
    Kashti k musafir ne samandar nahi dekha (Bashir Badr)

  • Dil bhi pagal hai ki us shaks se vabasta hai
    Jo na kisi aur ka hone de na apna rakhe (Ahmad Faraz)

  • Bohot ajeeb hain ye bandishain mohabbat ki ‘faraz’
    Na usne kaid mai rakha hai na hum farar hue (Ahmad Faraz)

  • Phir mujhe le chala udhar dekho
    Dil-ae-khana-kharab ki baatein (Sheikh Ibrahim Jok)

  • Kisi se juda hona agar itna aasan hota
    Jism se rooh ko lene kabhi farishty nahin aate (Nazim Ali)

  • Yun mere saath dafn dil-ae-be-karar ho
    Chota sa ek mazaar ke andar mazaar ho (Dagh Dehlvi)

  • Ujaale apni yaadon ke humaare sath rehne do
    Na jaana kis gali mai zindagi ki sham ho jaye (Bashir Badr)

  • Jaane vo kaise log thay
    Jinkay pyaar ko pyaar mila (Unknown)


22 thoughts on “A Cocktail Of Urdu Poetry

  1. And just when I thought that you might not be inclined towards hindi or urdu poetry! Your new post is a translation of a urdu quotes! I am sure that the urdu version is even more beautiful and touching ! 🙂 Great job, you didn’t fail to deliver the best! 🙂

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  2. Hi! Pardon me for intruding with a suggestion, but don’t you think adding the actual couplets here would enhance the flavour of the verse for people interested in reading urdu poetry? Just a teeny tiny suggestion. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Originally I planned to put in the urdu verses. But then I thought that would be too mechanical. So I decided to pick up different lines from ghazals and shayari that would combine well together when translated in English. But you do have a point, it’s going to be much better and I’m definitely going to add the original verses for reference. Thank you for your suggestion. 🙂

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  3. Magical! 🙂 Well, you have combined all the verses with such grace, it’s definitely impeccable. Now that you have added the original verses, i came to realise this, if u haven’t mentioned it, one would never even know that these verses are translation from urdu, ! Take a bow Tanya! 🙂

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  4. Your post has aptly described the stages/situations of love and Urdu poetry verses had prettify it.
    Thank you for such a wonderful post.
    How can I subscribe it so that I can be updated to future posts ?

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    1. Oh the pleasure is mine. I’m glad you liked my post. To follow you click on the menu option at the top right corner of my site and fill up your email to receive all upcoming posts. Thank you for your time 🙂


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