Dessert Dilemma

No seriously, Tea Time Tale, am I supposed to stab this pretty little heart you sent me in the name of dessert? I don’t have the heart to dig into another heart (again).

(I just had to post a picture of this lovely little thing. Happy weekend all.)

Heartbreaking indeed!

35 thoughts on “Dessert Dilemma

      1. Becoz.. Sometimes having an imaginary patent gives yu all the fun :p After due consideration of your petition for the usage of the word Dommedlikefuck and since the patent owner is a awesome guy. You now have the usage rights.

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  1. Amidst all this I want to say that even a heart broken experience teaches us a lesson in life maybe that’s why they say the moment ‘you stop learning, you start dying.’
    On lighter note this is a funny ‘shayari’ which I am sure you have heard somewhere sure:-
    ‘Dil Diya Tha Mohabbat Ki Nishani Samajh Kar
    Woh Khaa Gya Usey Biryani Samajh Kar,
    Khoon-E-Jigar Bhi Na Choda Zalim Ne,
    Woh Bhi Pee gaye Neembu Paani Samajh Kar’

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