When You’re Gone

Who’s going to butcher spiders

And mutilate creepy little flies for me

When you’re gone

I’ll miss the hint of guilt in your eyes

When I see nibbled blankets and burrowed sheets

The heaps of dismembered slippers you’ll leave behind

When you’re gone

I’ll have to learn to make do without

Warm greetings and kisses goodbye

And when there’s no one to make me smile

No one to console me on a cold weary night

I’ll be sad

I’ll be a mess

When you’re gone.

Gucci is a happy, healthy seven year old who loves to be loved and cuddled no end. He loves to eat all the pretty things we own and his day is incomplete till he has tortured a fly or two. We found a small lump around his tummy three days back and I know it’s probably nothing but I can’t stop worrying. We took him to the vet today and his surgery has been scheduled for Friday. It’s a minor operation but who’s going to explain that to my head that is so used to over-analysing. Every time I think about a minute without Gucci, I literally break down. Why do dogs have to go so soon? I know everything will be alright but I know when I lose him, I’ll lose a big part of me.

14 thoughts on “When You’re Gone

  1. Such a Beautiful post! πŸ™‚ The anticipation of loss is terrible. Your post made me remember the little Pomeranian i had many years back. I can totally understand your situation! I sometimes think that animals are way better than humans, especially dogs. They can’t speak and they are less privileged than any normal human being, but still they play a much better and bigger role in our lives. We as humans are for sure lacking somewhere when it comes to preserving a bond. Dogs won’t leave your side no matter what happens, nobody can ever attain the level of unadulterated bliss a dog feels when you merely walk in the door. And i can write one whole essay on dogs if i continue here.

    P.S. Your dog is exceptionally cute and I loved the name(any story behind it?) ! Haha! Get well soon Gucci ! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you. Dogs are wonderful creatures. I don’t know why they have to die so soon. I’m a better person because of my dog. He’s my one true Zen master. I don’t know why I named him Gucci, I think it was because we used to carry him in trendy bags and blankets when he was a puppy (he was the size of a rat for a very long time). Thank you for the wishes, Gucci sends his love πŸ™‚

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      1. I cannot begin to imagine how you feel. Sometimes I wish I could transfer my years to my dog, he enjoys the world more than I do. It’s sad that they have to go soon. I don’t think I’ll have another pet after Gucci as well, but I guess we can always smother other people’s pets 😁😊

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    1. Oh I’m sorry, I cannot begin to imagine how you feel. It is heart breaking to not have them around. I’m sure he/she is in a better place. Thank you for stopping by and take care. πŸ™‚


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