Sobbing Skies


Sobbing skies
I’ve got the blues tonight
So much love lost
I wonder why?

I hear leaves scream
To flee their faithful trees
As accomplice winds
Sow seeds of mutiny.

And I see waves rise
To frightening heights
Washing steadfast shores
Without respite.

Even the stars betray
Come daybreak
They slyly escape
Leaving the moon to its fate.

Love is never enough
The skies agree with me
But we pledge our hearts
And still believe.

All in good faith.

~By Tanya~

22 thoughts on “Sobbing Skies

  1. I am in awe! ❀ This is a work of art in its purest form. It is meaningful its content and stunning in its form. It feels like a chiaroscuro painting. Nostalgic reflective thoughts highlighted by a shower of hopeless light in the last stanza, I love it ❀

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    1. B. I’m sorry, I just realized I didn’t read the whole comment. Like I said you’re far too kind. My work being compared to chiaroscuro art, I couldn’t be more thrilled! ‘Hopeless light’ – you’ve captured the essence of this piece in entirety. It’s always great to get your comments on my work, you make me find new meaning in my work and that in itself is an art. Thank you Hailie for all the love and appreciation. Much love πŸ™‚

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      1. Hey my Sparkle! I am enjoying my freedom ❀ It feels wonderful to have all my time for myself. I hope everything is going great for you on your side of the world. A gigantic hug ❀


  2. Hi Zen (Tanya?), excellent poem. Yes, we still believe and have faith in love. A strange and curious concept when applied outside of family. Something that is given to us unconditionally at birth, that we seek from someone, who is initially a stranger. It is a strange and curious thing that we should be made this way.

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    1. Ha ha, ‘Tanya?’ I like the sound of uncertainty. (But I prefer you calling me Zen)

      Your observation is spot on Jones, maybe our perceptions about love are warped because as children we get unconditional love. And as we grow, the love we seek, the love that we’re made to think we deserve is a very high standard to match. We expect too much and get disappointed easy and the love is lost in between. It is rather strange that love works against itself.


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