For My Father – Distance Deceives

You did not leave me behind.
I find traces of you in everything I do.
So much so, that I am not I, I am but a part of you.

So when I sway in the gentle breeze, it is you that the winds whisper to.
And when I look up at the midnight sky, the stars reveal their secrets to you.

For you the waters rise and fall, as I gaze into the depths of the blue sea.
And the trees call back their leaves for you, as I kiss Winter goodbye.

You are not in my heart or in my mind, you are not in my soul.
You are my heart, my mind, my soul!

And as Distance tries to deceive, I realize that you’re gone but you did not leave.

(By Tiny For Daddy)


(Picture found on Google)

45 thoughts on “For My Father – Distance Deceives

  1. It’s a beautiful piece, Tanya. I read what you wrote, felt what you wrote, and couldn’t agree more. They never leave, but are around to stay to make sure you are okay. 🙂 Lots of good karma to you.

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    1. Thank you. It’ll always be my best piece, it’s something so close to my heart. Thank you for stopping by. Looking forward to your posts, you’re a wonderful poet and im glad I stumbled into Days Of Stone. 🙂

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  2. Your words are amazing ❤ This is more than just beautiful. I read it out loud to feel the power of the words you assembled in this heart-tearing piece and my voice trembled as your emotions were offered to my lips and ears. I am so sorry you had to go through this. Losing someone is an inescapable sorrow. The people you love are always a part of you and as you say they never really part from you.

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  3. Thank you, Haile A. It’s tough, I won’t deny. I miss him everyday. Of all the people in my family, I was the closest to him. Things will never be the same but I guess you’ve got to move on. But I know he must be happy to see me write. He would always tell me to quit studying and do the things that I love. Thank you for your heart-felt words, you always manage to warm my heart ❤️


      1. It’s been a difficult two years. But I’m never going to let grief suppress the love. I wouldn’t want to remember him like that. Wrote this in that spirit. Thank you again for your appreciation.

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  4. Powerful writing. Heard and emotions poured out in right quantity. . After reading this I can say your father wherever he is will be proud of his little girl and pouring out all his blessings. 😊👍

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  5. One of the reasons for regaining my interest in writing was losing my dad, I wrote something similar as a tribute to him and for his burial, and that way I feel connected every time I write. Very touching but very uplifting.

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    1. I’m glad you could channelize your pain into something as beautiful as writing. The same happened with me, something in me flipped and I started this blog. It was a good decision. I’m sure our fathers are having a gala time in heaven. Thank you for stopping by and for your appreciation. 🙂

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    1. My kinda song, sounds like chirpy radiohead. Does the river really dry Robert? I’m yet to witness that but in that case I’d like to soak up some sun and sip some margaritas while I’m at it. 😄


  6. And this piece more than justifies my keeping a couple of dad’s old overalls (on me they look like hip-hop shorts) he wore as a uniform of preference after so many years wearing other “suits” prescribed by the Navy and later Disney. I had the pleasure of passing on most of mom’s silk scarves to her granddaughters. Thanks, Tanya, for a wonderful encompassing-more-than-you expression.

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    1. My pleasure RW. I’m glad this struck a chord. I chose to keep his handkerchief and I carry it with me whenever I travel. Funny thing to keep but then his wardrobe was pretty limiting for my use. I’ve not been visiting wordpress all that much and I haven’t had the chance to visit your site. Top priority on my to-do list, going to get back to you shortly. Thank you for stopping by. Happy doughnut dreams! 🙂

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