Decrypting Him

Passions of the night vaporize as my eyes begin
To adjust to the sight of an empty bed you left behind.

You’re gone and I’m lonely.
Lost in my quandary.
You say that you adore me
But I can’t feel the love
In the harsh morning light.

(And I pray you riddle me this.)

Why have my hand in your hand
When you would rather walk alone and be free?
Must I learn to read between
Scrawled lines and scribbled sheets
When you’re on a different page all the time?

Should I wonder why those eyes don’t convey
The feelings you proclaim with reckless haste?
Are they baffled by your ways?
The conundrum that you are
The clarity you portray. I’m amazed!

And I don’t have the map to your heart
But if I manage to reach the gates
Would you let me in?
I don’t know. I can’t say.
I’m throwing darts in the dark.

I’ve never been one for puzzles
And you’re a cosmic question-mark.

~By Tanya~

(Images – Pinterest)


24 thoughts on “Decrypting Him

  1. Your words amaze me as always. Your wonderings ring so true and heartfelt, yet there is something more to them. They are imbued with universality.

    How strongly I feel for your character – you? – in the moment you so strikingly depict here. Love is so cruel, or is it? Maybe it is not. Maybe it is people who are so complicated… or unaware… unable to decrypt their own feelings.

    To me it is all very simple. Either I love or I don’t. Either I am attracted or I am not. If one of those is missing then, well True love is not happening.

    We should all stop playing with other people’s hearts, and take the time to figure out our feelings before we come after someone…

    I hope I did not read too much into your poem my lovely friend. Just know I adore it. ❤

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  2. Thank you, Hailie. Today I’m in that frame of mind where I wouldn’t hesitate to say that love is indeed cruel. But I know for a fact that my mind is equally fierce and most of the heartache is it’s creation. You’re right when you say it’s people who complicate love, it’s our inability to accept or reject the state of things that leads to this conundrum.

    You are blessed Hailie, if it can be black and white, yes or no, right or wrong in your head, you are indeed one of the lucky few.

    As for the players, they’re going to play play play. But you can shake it off (in your own sweet time, of course). Thank you for your time, for the love and for the appreciation. Good night from this end, I read your mail and I’ll get back to you asap. Have a great day tomorrow. Love and hugs ❤️

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  3. Hey! I have this habit of pouring my heart out, whether it’s a post or a comment. So this might be long. I was quite busy relocating stuff back to my hometown, so I wasn’t able to check any of your posts. I did miss your writings, and i have to say, i am not at all disappointed after reading this one. I thought I would raid your page tonight, but this one touched my heart in so many ways, that i am just stuck here. I can relate to each and every line of this graceful poem of yours. It’s really tough to be with someone whose every action is a new mystery to unravel. You guys said it, I would just repeat it, Love is never complicated, people are. Love is one of the best things we do, but some people just don’t get it or don’t want to, is yet another story altogether. Well, a beautiful work from your side Tanya, you never cease to amaze me with your work. 🙂 Night Night!

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    1. Thank you, Tanmay. I always look forward to your views and the fact that you like my work is a bonus. I’m glad this piece could move you in the way it has, which only means you can relate to what I feel oh so often.

      Love in itself is free from complication but our thoughts mould it into something complex and ambiguous. You’re right, love is certainly beautiful but our heads strip it off all its beauty in no time. Sometimes, don’t you want to escape your mind?

      Have you reached back home, Tanmay? It must be hard winding up, I’ve been there. Enjoy the perks of being at home. And once again, I appreciate you pouring your heart out more than you realize. 😊😊

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      1. Hey there! I just love the fact that how distinctly and beautifully you perceive everything. I am really grateful to WordPress, that I am across a wonderful person like you.You’re one of a kind. Well, yes i reached home, it’s going to be a week now, and i have a whole lot of nothing to do. 😛 I look forward to your next posts. You create magic every time you post something new. 🙂

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  4. I see shades of grey too 😉 I am not a superwoman. When other people’s feelings are involved though, I try not to hurt let doubt linger, when I know they are there on their side and not on mine. That is the sort of kindness, of honesty, I would hope people would try and show each other too… I am sorry your heart is in pain.

    My appreciation and love are there for you anytime 🙂

    A gigantic morning hug back to you!

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    1. Yes, I try to be kind and honest in all relationships too. But I think it’s wise not to expect to get the same in return. Cautionary behaviour. 😁😄

      But some people could really try a little kindness. Can’t hurt. Thank you for the morning love, I’m sure you’ve realized my mood swings like a pendulum on MDMA. Have a wonderful day. Love and smothering hugs ❤️

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      1. I have no doubt about that 🙂 I can feel you are a fabulous person. I think it is wise indeed not to expect the same kindness in return. Unfortunately that is not how it works.
        Haha we all have mood swings 😉
        I wish you an amazing day too. Plein de gros câlins aussi!

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      1. Haha. I guess boys and girls are wired differently. Sometimes I feel like writing a ‘Decrypting Her’. I know quite a few complicated women. But I guess everyone is complex in their own way these days and it takes time to figure out how their circuit works. 😁😄

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      2. In my opinion I found very different girls here.. someone hate if we call her dear, some call everyone as dear,some don’t want to ask about her whereabouts but other tells her full story of life, and so on.. so girls are weirdly wired..guys are sometimes same in their behavior😃

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