20 thoughts on “A Sprouting Souvenir Of Loss

    1. That’s true. Love is bound to kindle expectations, which often aren’t met with the intensity that the heart ideally desires. It’s alright to fret and fume but I think at some stage acceptance of loss is important for new love to usher in. So yes, acceptance! πŸ™‚

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  1. The Void in us strongly demands to be mirrored. It is mirrored in “Like and Unlike”, to lull us as to its input in our life, confuse us further.
    To love to lose and to need to lose to love, though a lovely quote, and depicts one, endows one with value, recognition, yet one is still to remain among the victims, the casualties of the Void within.
    Trust me, I know you are smart, but you want more, I know, been there done that.
    I’m impressed, really however you might interpret what I state. I just wish you for the better, head to it……

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    1. I understand what you mean. The ever-increasing, all-pervading void! I guess most of our lives we search for something or someone to fill that emptiness inside. Love is a temporary fix, I feel no amount of love can last forever. People change and things fade, that’s the way of life – we are always losing love, always looking for something more. But does that make us perpetual victims? I think not. It makes us human – to want, to feel, to lose, to need. I think that void inside sets the soul in motion. If I ever reach that point where I am satisfied with love and life, then I guess that would be the time I’d really need some fixing. Thank you for your insightful feedback, you made me think and I love when that happens. Have a great day! 😊

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      1. Well, yes, a lovely and helpful response, honest and from the gut. Thank you. Yet, I must defend my view slightly (I hope):
        Though the word “Victim” is intimidating, IE none of us wish to be concluded as one, to co-relate my statement, first we the human tend to view “being human” as a virtue. It isn’t, it its self is a frailty trademark. And this is why the Void works within the human being. You see, you made the intelligent observation that “the void inside sets the soul in motion”, unawares we who separate self from the community who practice “faith”, tend to implement faith. IE You see there exists two sources for drive in the Cosmos; The Void in us and The Life, the Spirit of God.
        The Void in man is that which makes not only itself but “Perfection” a god (small g). Now, the Void within is evidence of our brokenness, our lack (we lack the Life of God). So when I used the word “victim”, I meant not a “fool” but a pawn of the Void unawares. It makes us chase waterfalls (the song). Whereas we could reach for the stars with the regeneration of the Life of God instead.
        Great Poets are born of the Void. But remember, they become famous yes, but they are Void used and discarded in the end of the “Program”. I said I wanted better for you.
        There have been some famed poets who committed suicide.
        Objectivity is of great import. And lastly, consider that the great truth which God has for us has been discredited by the behavior, representation of God’s own people. Their inability to communicate, put into perspective the message in the Bible is what has made it possible for the hurt individuals, having a gripe, due to indoctrination to dispel anything that smells of “God” and talk of God.
        Thank you, and please don’t mind this long discourse because some other soul reading this might be grateful for both our input.
        Have a wonderful whatever for it is morning here in Arizona.


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