Beautiful Remains 

Her pretty ruins crawled back together to form a magnificent memorial. A crumb of bones transformed into something monumental. To mark her grave, a wreath conceived from her own remains – pink petals of Elysian tissue and flesh strewn together to adorn her cenotaph. A tomb of beautiful wreckage, she wore her brokenness like a badge of honour for it was proof that she had believed.

Believed in the beauty of everything and everyone. She had had faith in the miracles of kindness in a world that offered none. The will to read sincerity into the falsest of vows, she had had the courage to trust the most villainous of hearts. She would greet hate and envy with a smile. In cruelty she managed to find something benign. For she had chosen to see the light, even in the dark. For she had loved! Everything and everyone.

And to have loved was enough for a lifetime of pieces.

20 thoughts on “Beautiful Remains 

  1. Oh this one is so beautiful, as always I am short of words. Some of the lines are so beautifully composed that I can’t start to explain how terrifically they have touched my heart. This is just simply sublime. This post holds so many emotions, I would name it a spellbinding tsunami of emotions. 🙂 GREAT WORK T! 🙂

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  2. “A tomb of beautiful wreckage, she wore her brokenness like a badge of honour for it was proof that she had believed.” — This line stood out the most. It made me think of my conviction that if we are afraid of getting hurt, we will never take risks to love wholeheartedly.
    Thank you for stopping by my site, so I can come by and visit yours and your mother’s.
    Dajena 🙂

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    1. It was my pleasure. I loved you work and I’m looking forward to reading more of you. Thank you for your lovely feedback Dajena. Love is certainly worth the hype. Good night from this end. 🙂

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  3. Re assembled, reborn or rejuvenated, it’s all good and such potency in the tremendous writing style you have. It reminded me slightly of Saawariya – “beloved.” …as long as he’s consumed by love…as long as he remains in a perpetual state of “being in love…”. Good stuff.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by, Anita. What a lovely comment! You’ve captured the true essence of this piece, you’ve revealed my own words to me. Wonderful feedback. You made my day! I haven’t had the chance to read your work at ease, but I’ve loved what I’ve read so far. Going to visit you soon. 🙂

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