Supernova Unplugged 

A nebula of forlorn atoms suspended in the dark, you have set ablaze the slumbering galaxies of my soul.

Once I lay wilting in the debris of lost love, now I shine brightest in the safe haven of celestial arms.

The craters dug deep into my heart are now filled, the blown pieces of me pulled together by your gravity.

They say love is a leap of faith and I’ve taken the final plunge into the universe that is you.

For you have loved the darkness beneath my skin. You have sparked my rusted flesh and blood.

Lover, you have awakened my stars.

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50 thoughts on “Supernova Unplugged 

  1. What a piece, my Sparkle. ❤ Thanks to your celestial words, I will gently slide to the land of dreams with love and stars on my mind tonight.
    Here are a few of my favorite lines "you have set ablaze the slumbering galaxies of my soul." "the blown pieces of me pulled together by your gravity." " I’ve taken the final plunge into the universe that is you."
    This extended metaphor is indescribably gorgeous.I love how you use astrophysical terms and interweave them with the object of your affections and his effect on you. I don't know how you come up with such amazing associations and metaphors, but please just keep doing it ❤ You leave me wanting for more ❤

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    1. Something about the stars, B. They make you believe in magic, don’t they? As a kid I had an insane obsession with outer space and I guess it has stuck with me. You’re too kind with your words but I am so glad you liked my little outer-space word experiment. Love you to the moon and back! ❤️

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      1. Aw ❤ love you too my Sparkle ❤ Stars are fascinating. I agree. I have been intrigued and amazed by them for as long as I can remember. I loved your outer space word experiment to the moon and back ❤

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    1. Haven’t been writing as much as I would want to these days. But new stuff soon. I always look forward to your feedback, was pretty unsure about this one but I’m relieved to know you like this. I desperately need to catch up with your feed, forgive me for my inherent laziness. Take care, WC. 🙂

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      1. I have been saving up writing points for a couple of years. I should ration them. You have a more reasonable posting schedule! Lol…

        Yours is an opinion I value as well.

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  2. your words dive into the surface- sting and linger…all underneath the anesthetic of surgical precision…thank you for splicing the canvas open with color and sound…(and i’m not sure how this comment fits in- guess i pictured you tearing it at some art gallery…just disturbing people in a beautiful way and selling out- in a good way- making money- all while working your art to people…)- but my initial thought/comment was- “i’m sure the after party would be enjoyable”…maybe i’m twisted…just my thoughts and gotta run with them…thanks for your words…i could drop an emoji on you right now like a smiley face or two birthday cakes and a frog…but not sure what that i’ll say your words are strong…and hit- thanks for sharing them…

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    1. Wow, it’s going to take sometime to process this. I am stumped!
      I wasn’t convinced about this piece, to me it seemed constructed and over the top. (But then love is over the top) So this comment comes as a huge wave of relief!
      Pages are indeed a writer’s canvas and stars, a wonderful muse. And love, the best of all stars.
      As for the after party, well that’s inevitable when you’re burning with such passion and if that’s twisted then I’m joining the club. We could have whole conversations with just smileys which makes me wonder if it would be a good idea to do a poem in smiley form. Thank you for reading, for your strange yet lovely insight. The stars in me are smiling like an idiot! 😊😊

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      1. you’re very smart…and my reply was an unedited window into a moment of my mind- (and i thought about that later on- didn’t go back to it- but was thinking it over- like damn…how is that going to translate…) i was just bouncing off your energy and words…just went on a lil detour of the mind- but you were driving the whole time…looking forward to your continued wisdom and the engineering of words…

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      2. Ah not as much as I would like to be but I hope to get there someday in some life. As long as my words sparked something, I’m happy. I like spontaneous feedback and that was so fresh and raw – a tiny window into the soul that is you. I haven’t been active on wordpress lately, need to catch up with your posts. See you around soon. 🙂


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