Baby The Thrill Is Gone*

Stealth mode activated, days of fluorescence are lost
And I am going under cover, tell my demons I’ll be gone.

When emptiness attempts to slyly slide between the sheets
I’ll set aflame corrupted dreams to feel alive.

Whiskey lullabies* for you and I. Do kisses help
When bitterness is burgeoning in veins and limbs?

Toes and shins dancing in and out of beds
Creaking voices in my head drag me back to the start.

Can you move forward when you’re hiding in the past?
When love’s engraved like an epitaph on your barren heart?

The days of fluorescence are gone.

~By: Tanya~

Fictional Yet Familiar; Images: Pinterest

*B.B. King – When in doubt, steal from the blues.

* Borrowed. (Whiskey Lullaby by Brad Paisley, one song I don’t like at all.)

65 thoughts on “Baby The Thrill Is Gone*

    1. Dhanyavaad Bubble. I don’t know what it means myself, songs make me hazy in the head but I like your interpretation and I’m so happy you think this piece is all that. Love you heaps. πŸ€πŸŒΈπŸŒ»

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  1. Tanya, I do that too, once in a great while I’ll write something and don’t know what exactly it means (though most writers do that they will not admit to it). I love this, it brings me out of my own head and thoughts.

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    1. Relieved! I read my own lines all day in hopes they would make sense to me, then I gave up. Some thoughts aren’t meant to unravel, I guess. But I like what other minds bring to the table. So glad something in this sparked with you, Tammy. Love πŸ™‚

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      1. Writers unbury the unconscious thought… we cannot always know them at first write and too, everyone will have their own interpretation like you said. Yes, I a, a faithful follower of your mind genius πŸ™‚

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      2. Interesting approach by you two. All art will resonate on a personal level for the individual experiencing it, but when I write I always choose my words with a specific POV and purpose. I am consciously trying to guide the reader. This reinforces my pragmatic mindset, and image of self as more of a technician than an artist. I think I’m very good at seeing what’s “there,” but find it difficult to imagine or create something out of nothing. Your’s is more the stuff of dreams.

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      3. Clarity of thought is great, especially when you’re writing something with a particular subject in mind. If I may dare say, my pieces (to me) are like abstract art, they don’t really fit into the boundaries of mainstream writing. And I guess what you write is more reader-oriented, which can never be a bad thing. My stuff is more for me, I am a selfish writer. Sometimes I do have a very clear picture in my head but mostly I prefer sounding vague and dreamy. To each his own. At the end of the day, yours or mine, all work is art. As for Tammy, I can’t comment about her escapades with dreamy writing but I personally love her work. Thank you for stopping by, valuable feedback – appreciate it. πŸ™‚

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    1. Oh Kunal, you’ve been missed. Welcome back! My words are unreliable, don’t go by what they say. All good this side, just a mild case of B.B King and Miles Davis on a loop. I appreciate the concern. All swell at your end?

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      1. Thank you for that. I too at times write from different perspectives, even as a female and I will be cryptic at times. Sometimes I write using 3 different meanings and I try to get into a good mood to write and try to hit a couple of completely different types and like doing so. I do have people say I am better than I think I am. Even authors. I had not written a poem in 28 years and never strict form before late September:) You are damn good yourself. Plus an awesome name.

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      2. It’s good to be diverse and I can see it in your words. You’re putting your creativity to good use, no doubt. Thank you for all the appreciation. About the name, well I think it is a little juvenile but I’ve come to like it over time. Have a great day! 😊


      3. I do not think your name is Juvenile, your about page explains everything to expect. From you it is contradictions and oh so much more. Talking personally is also a good thing when you can. I do try to be creative and I never did strict form before late Fall and no writing at all in over 20 plus years and poetry in close to 30 and just prose:)

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      4. I am gonna try. I do have some potential issues at home and I have to get out to get some strength and endurance as I am going to need it possibly.

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  2. I have gone through some rough patches for a few days, but when I came back, I read you first. And, once again, you amaze and delight me. You’re good, lady.

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    1. Oh some days are mental! I hope all’s well now. I’m glad my trivial, self-created perplexities amuse you, that is the goal. I wish you smooth sailing Ward, take care. πŸ™‚


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