Tender Iron Veins – Happy Birthday Ma

Fragile bones sheathed in delicate folds of caramel
A silken heart nestled in blankets of muslin flesh
Magnificence! Apparent, undeniable resplendence
A vision divine, surreal, sublime
Seraphic fragility – a fine gossamer veil
Adorning a valiant spirit armour-clad.

The indomitable soul of a warrior unvanquished
Undaunted by the onslaught of Time
Fearlessly marching to frontiers galore
Braving the many battles of Life
Yet the flame within never dulled, never dwindled
An unquenchable fire burning bright.

A life-force so vibrant unaltered by strife
An untamed wind streaking colourless skies
Exuberance unleashed, the flight of Spring
Warmth and benevolence soaring high
A dream resurrected by showers of zeal
Blossoms in Autumn* for weary eyes.

Oft I wonder, I think, I ponder
What blood must run in tender iron veins?
What magic births the will to hope and trust everyday?
How does kindness thrive when each day is a crusade?
How can a heart learn to embrace
Both Pleasure and Pain, love both the same?

Laugh it all away? The answer is you.

Happy Birthday Ma, you are things my words cannot fathom. Here’s a feeble attempt.

By : Tanya
Images: Pinterest

*Blossoms In Autumn – Courtesy Recollections At Fall

50 thoughts on “Tender Iron Veins – Happy Birthday Ma

    1. Thank you B. Nothing I can write can match up to her but I’m happy to have tried. Someday we’ll dive into layers of cream and cake together but for now get yourself a cupcake from our side. We love you. ❀️

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      1. You are a sweetheart ❀ You did a wonderful job at it. Of course words can't equate the awesomeness of your mom. I can easily believe that as well.

        Sadly, I did not bite into a cupcake today, but I did get a slice of yummy blueberry pie.

        I love the both of you too ❀


  1. Invite “to waste” a day irresistible: currently “waisting” said day with a found doughnut (glazed, of course) after munching the last of the Dinosaur Kale in the garden – turned dirt and showered underhose before trek towndownwards to senior center’s computers and the net – mine are too young to be allowed online. Will skip my own patch for visits to yours from ttt as time and temperature allows. Really, Happy Birthday, Ma was all it took…such a well constructed site…one day real soon now I will read the manuel and kwit messin’ about: say, fifteen minutes after the avatar notices the flesh has fled. Thanks for the lift, Tanya, and for liking one of my offerings. The Idiot thanks!

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    1. Ah waisting, all too familiar. Speaking of which, I’m going to get me some glazed donougnuts soon, I can feel my sugar-rush fading as I type this. It’s my pleasure to have you here and I’m looking forward to raiding your pastures soon. I like your mess, you don’t need to quit and I insist, don’t ever read a manual – we all need to go deeper into our pile of shit, yes? Thanks for stopping by, have a great day! Best wishes – ZenGoneBad πŸ™‚

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      1. fourhoursweat in a garden groan with desperation…at least I can eat my work. Glad you found some tasty weeds I forgot to elevate from the compost. Will continue honing my offensive side: the tang, however needs work: keeps staying in place and doing its job and examples like that depress me (if such were possible!), much like boredom – a purely hypothetical state for those who neither fish nor fuck nor read.

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      2. My god! To be a thought in your head must be absolutely demented, but in a good way. As for boredom, I kinda like it unless fish-fuck-read is radically going to change my life that is – plus hypothetically speaking, everything in life is pretty hypothetical.

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