Supernova Unplugged – A Prequel 

As I look up at the midnight sky, I can feel your thoughts floating through mine

As I walk to your shores drowning in waves of you once again I recall

All the patterns I knew like the back of my hand, now lost, washed away with the tides

Starry nights glimmering in your eyes, your smile as we traced constellations with fingers entwined

How they break into shards of melancholy tonight blistering skies as my heart is forever anchored

In the midst of a storm to a love that was doomed to sink, to dampened dreams that fail to bring me back to safe harbours

Maps go comatose as scattered stars scurry, the lights they won’t guide me home when my heart is forsaken at sea

And I wonder when all is forgotten, when love is reduced to a dank memory

Darling will you still remember how we chased the stars on a cold summer night hand in hand…

(Images: Pinterest)

As the title goes, this is a prequel to Supernova Unplugged. But I guess it could work as a sequel too, love is random like that. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Supernova Unplugged – A Prequel 

    1. Hiya Poison! I’ve been inactive for quite some time. I apologize for the delayed reply. I love your insight, always. And this one in particular is spot on! The piece is definitely elevated when read out loud. Hope all’s well!

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      1. Thanks…Tanya it is, right? I know the feeling. I haven’t posted all month, but have so much mashing about in my head. Summer’s winding down, kids back to school…Hope you’re fine as well.

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      2. You’re welcome and yes, this is she. Since I don’t know your name, I’m going to stick to Poison. Also because it’s pretty cool and I don’t know it reminds me of Mortal Kombat for some odd reason, which is still one of my favorite games. I’m in the same boat, P. My thoughts are craving release but I haven’t had the time to really sit down and get to it. Have a wonderful weekend with the kids, I hope you get down to writing soon. Waiting eagerly. 😊

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