The Oyster’s Song – Happy Birthday Moy

Somewhere amidst the many folds, between the heart and the soul, there is a place, my very own

My true abode, my little haven, where I keep all our conversations, our memories in stacks and heaps

Little things you said to me, I treasure each and every word, every moment spent with you

Like milky pearls that oysters hold as they are swept to distant shores, to lonely lands so far from home

Its hard to leave and to let go of all your dreams and cherished hopes, sweetheart I know!

That life is hard and love grows old, that in these tides of high and low I’ll lose it all and when I do

I’ll still have you, my precious stone! My shining beam, my ray of hope

Till I have you swirling in the crevices of my being I’ll have in me felicity, love and warmth, serenity

A treasure trove so heavenly, the Seven Seas would envy me! 

You are my pearl to keep.

~By: Tanya~

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