A Venetian Affair – The Best Of Venice

The thing about an Italian getaway, you can never come back satisfied. There is just so much to see, so much to do and way too much to eat. Italy has so much to offer in every aspect, I feel I would probably need nine lives to really absorb and process what the country has in store. My time in Venice was limited, I had all but one and a half day to explore one of the most romantic cities in the world. I wasn’t expecting much actually. I remember being told to skip Venice and pick Milan instead when I was planning my trip. Too dirty, too smelly – this was the usual response when I’d ask someone about their visit to Venice. But being the closeted mushy-romantic that I am, I was very adamant on sitting in that gandola, even if it meant being in Venice just for a day.

First Meal In Venezia

So like I said no expectations whatsoever, just there for that gandola. As I walked around, over old-world bridges, across the teal blue waters of the Grand Canal, I realized that it wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it to be. The first day was, like with every other place, reserved solely for wandering aimlessly and that’s pretty much all we did. Walking to St. Mark’s Square was like walking through a maze adorned with the most beautiful masks and porcelain dolls – gelato in one hand, my friend google maps in the other, I remember feeling so lost and so found all at once.


Venice is a city of the night, this we figured the first day. The city comes alive in the evening and St. Mark’s Square is a dream by the night with the lights and the music. The second day we spent at a random tratoria, eating absolute filth, the evening we kept for dessert at Caffe Florian and a late night coffee at Caffe Quadri. When in Venice, do not skip dessert and coffee (wine if you will) at these places because why would you want to deprive yourself of heaven. I don’t know how true it is, but I was told that the two caffes maintain a centuries year old rivalry. Back in the 18th century, when Italy was under Austrian domination, Florian became the hub for the nationalist Italian and Quadri was apparently quite popular with the Austrian folks. They say a true Italian wouldn’t so much as step in the shadows of Quadri (Strictly unverified information, a good story nonetheless.)

The Lights At St. Mark’s Square And I
The Perfect Venetian Dessert

The live music at the Square takes the whole dining (read wining) experience to a whole new level. The Godfather soundtrack, James Bond, Sound of Music play on a loop till the fag end of the night and people literally throng around the caffes to enjoy the best of the classics. Personal tip, being high makes it quite the joyride. The trick to enjoy (anything) is to always have a glass of wine on your table.

If you want to go broke in Venice, dine at Harry’s Bar. Owned by Cipriani, the man who invented a nasty nasty drink (bellini), Harry’s Bar has been visited by the likes of Ernest Hemingway, Charlie Chaplin, Alfred Hitchcock, Woody Allen and so on. We went there to try out the bellinis and boy are those pink little things deceptive, they hit you like a meteor! Two bellinis down we finally had the courage to order food, I ordered the cheapest thing on the menu (like my true Indian self) all the while dying just a little looking at their prices.

Look At It Staring At Me Like It’s Juice – Savage!

After being slaughtered at Harry’s we had a quick coffee at Quadri and decided to finally take that much awaited gandola ride – keeping the best for the last. So the gondolier tells us it’ll be a 100 Euros and instantly we turn and start walking back home. And to think I came all the way. But well, maybe another time or in another life if Venice is still afloat.

Nonetheless, I absolutely loved Venice. I don’t know what it was – the music, the carnival-y feel, the surreal water, the bridges or the wine –  but I left wishing I had more time.

Goodbye Venezia

43 thoughts on “A Venetian Affair – The Best Of Venice

  1. Hey Tanya, your audio description was bare and uninformative compared to what you have on your blog. I am glad I chanced to read it .Venice through your eyes and experience truly lives up to my expectations.Your account tempts me visit it too.Please do justice to the other places you visited by writing about them . Sorry much against your wishes I chose to comment on your post.Hope you are able to be in Venice again. Love mom.😊😊❤️❤️

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    1. Mom, I’m literally just around the corner! Admit it, you like stalking my blog. 😛 But I am glad you liked my little write up. And now you can also quantitatively judge how much wine I had while I was there, a fact which I don’t quite know if I like. One of the reasons I have a No-Mom-Policy. Love you loads but stay away 😄❤️😘

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      1. Thanks for the support .This is just a petty entitlement and There should be no grudges. Nice to hear from you . Loads of love take care God bless.😊😊

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    1. It’s tough, having your mom on wordpress. 😄 But yes, I absolutely loved Italy, every bit of it. I wouldn’t hesitate to go to the same places again, if anything I think it would be a much better experience the second time over. Thank you for stopping by V.J. Love 😊

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      1. It is crazy cold here! I’ve given up on going out – my quilt, my heater and my dog are my best friends till March. Hibernation mode activated. You must come to Mashobra, make a plan this Winter. It is beautiful in the snow. And it’ll be a good change to be in the mountains, know? Though I must warn you, it gets freezing cold but nothing that you won’t be able to handle. Let me know whenever you plan a trip, I’m a pretty decent Himachal guide. 🙂

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  2. Venice is a city to great to visit. I’ve been there twice so far, spending a total of almost 3 weeks but plan to visit again soon. I love Italy and have been there 5 times already with plans for another trip in 2017. It’s only 2 hours and change away from Istanbul. But my heart, because of my heritage, I guess, is still in Naples/Salerno. But anywhere in Italy is worth spending time.

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    1. All of Campania is spectacular! Spent a day in Naples, went crazy with the pizza and loved the general vibe. I guess Naples is Italy in its truest, rawest form. Sadly we couldn’t make it to Salerno, but we spent some time in Positano, Sorrento and Capri – such picturesque places! I realized that all these places demand lots of time if they are to be enjoyed to the fullest. I hope you have a wonderful trip and the next time I’m there (fingers crossed) I’ll make sure I get some pointers from you. I’ve always wanted to visit Turkey, you’re in such a lovely place yourself! Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day. 😊

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      1. Turkey is great, especially if you love history. There’s a t-shirt that reads: “Turkey: The world’s largest museum.” And it is, especially if you are interested in Greek/Roman history, but this was the place the East met the West and so many cultures have left their mark here. I’ve become interested in the war for control of the Mediteranean and so will visit Rhodes and then Malta this spring. Sicily, too, is on my list. So many places to go still. It never ends.

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      2. Yes I’ve heard so much about the country’s diverse cultural heritage. I can only wish I get to experience sometime in life. I have a huge travel list myself and I’ve only just begun. Fortunately, wanderlust can never be a bad thing so I’m going to keep adding places to that list myself. Happy travelling, I wish you the very best in life. 🙂

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    1. The very reason I wanted to visit! You never know when it’s gone. I envy you so much! That must have been so magical. Since we’re such foodies, we spent a major chunk of our holiday money on food and wine. No money for the ride by the end of it all. But I absolutely loved the place and I wish I can go again sometime. 🙂

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      1. Yes, we spent our funds on places to visit and things to do. We didn’t do much fancy eating. We went with our two kids so we wanted to make the most of seeing as much history and cultural stuff as we can.

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      2. I can understand, it’s a different ball game with kids. I remember my parents taking me sight seeing when we were on vacation and those are some of the best memories I have of my childhood. 🙂

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