Discoveries Of A Smitten Heart

Somewhere between silken sheets and galaxies I found you.

I found you in the soft caresses of the wind,

My body shivering in sweet anticipation of your touch.

In the monotony of the skies,

I saw you wash away the blues with the light of a thousand stars.

Amidst the chaos of day-dreams and midnight fantasies I found you.

In the many lives I am yet to live,

You were the breath buried in every moment of blissfulness.

In the yearning infused in my skin,

I found you in passions unknown, unfelt,

Between longing and wait, craving and ache.

And if you could turn me inside out you’d find yourself in every cell,

Your love it blooms within me.

Little drops of you roll down my eyes and kiss my lips.

Travel deep to the root of me and you’ll find your heart resting in my heart.

You are the soul in every word, every verse I scribble down

And if today I can believe in love, believe in God

It is because somewhere between a prayer and a lover’s song 

I found you.

By: Tanya
Images: Pinterest

15 thoughts on “Discoveries Of A Smitten Heart

  1. This poem makes me incredibly glad you’re back. No, that’s not true. I’m glad you’re back regardless. But this is beautiful. An epiphany of good fortune!

    Liked by 2 people

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