Love Is A Fair-Weather Friend

Befriend the void inside. That chunk of emptiness you constantly want to fill with something or someone, it doesn’t need to be filled. Love may seem like a quick fix but no amount of love how so ever deep can make you feel complete. People change and things fade – that is the way of life. We are always losing love, always looking for something more. But does that make us perpetual victims traumatized at the hands of life? I think not. If anything, it makes us human – to want, to feel, to lose, to need. I think that wretched void is what sets the soul in motion. If I ever reach that point where I am satisfied with love and with life, that would be the time I’d need me some serious fixing. Love is a fair weather friend. Befriend your loneliness instead. You’ll meet it more often than not and it will reveal yourself to you.

(Thank you for making me think ACM7, makes me happy.)

26 thoughts on “Love Is A Fair-Weather Friend

    1. I respectfully disagree. Being alone and being in love are simply states of being. One is not better than the other; they are merely different, each with their own positives and negatives to be dealt with. This is why love is not the answer to loneliness and solitude not the answer to rejection.

      That said, if you feel one state of being is right for you, then that is what is right for you. That doesn’t make it better, only what works for you, personally. πŸ™‚

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      1. Exactly what I meant to say! I’m going to have to write this down in my book of quotes – Love is not the answer to loneliness and solitude not the answer to rejection. So insightful! ❀️
        I love love. But I love being alone too. No reason why I can’t enjoy both. πŸ™‚

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    2. I don’t agree with you on this one. You need a bit of both in life, solitude and love. They’re mutually exclusive things, I feel you can’t pick one over the other. But then, it’s also a personal choice so I guess to each his own. πŸ™‚


  1. This is a really good conversation. Your post, and the comments that follow, especially Gabriel360 – good ideas and philosophies. A lot to think about …

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