17 thoughts on “Firestones

    1. Hello Rich! Glad to know I’ve got you sorted. All things heart are deeply conflicted I’m afraid but I don’t mind – it’s fodder for the poet’s soul. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep up with our previous conversation, but now I’m back! Hope you’ve been going easy on the doughnuts. πŸ™‚

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      1. We famine-awaiters continue to eek out our carbs in whatever form, Tanya. Glad you are back – and there I was feeling such gleeful guilt not supping at your splendiferous table. No highs without the concomitant lows and my soul is sold on fodder. I Trust the “gone” was both learning and pleasing – though I suspect both swords have soft and prickling spots. Just one more mini-blueberry cupcake – with whole wheat, honey, and mine own dried wild blueberries “fresh” from the freezer. Currently watching the new young oldsters moving to blues/jazz fusion in multi-disciplined seniorcise class as I hit the air on the ‘putters. I trust you are well, healthy and as happy as you allow, oh good gatekeeper. I am learning Reblog but I’m working with a stubborn subject…next chore: raiding FB Notes for much earlier work without paper front-up and figure a download to print and if warranted an upload to here might serve to keep my devil fingers at play if not bay. Sent to friend Juice, Bruce Jewett (Haiku for Cats) to secret combination to send such from disc to WP instanter. Be well. I gotta go “Categorize and Tag” your last.

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      2. Just now realized I skipped right over an important part: I feel so privileged you got me “sorted” and the doughnuts proofed that particular pudding! Thy prodigious folds and crinkles in’st thy cranial cavity surely convolutes so amazingly to carry such facts: I who have a spare sledgehammer behind a ruint stapes us said silver max well to beat in the saliencies I require.


      1. You are very welcome , Zen! Your writing keeps getting better and better. It’s really good. I enjoy reading it a lot and you make me think and ponder things. I love that!

        Things are good on my end. I’ve been extremely busy. Also just about every piece I am working on right now is a bit lengthy.

        I hope things are going well with you!

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      2. You’ve made my day! I couldn’t be any happier. I took a break from writing for a bit and now I feel like I have lots to get out of my system.
        Life gets hectic, I can understand. I skimmed through two of your posts in the morning. But I need to visit your blog at leisure to really enjoy the content, which I’ll be doing soon. I’m sure the pieces to come will be fabulous! πŸ™‚

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