Marigolds In May

I remember you being plopped in the garden
Surrounded by a rainbow of pots
Your feet fixed firmly in the growing grass
Hands dancing in a mix of soil and dung
Each time I’d cringe you’d laugh your big-toothed laugh
A sight as rare as marigolds in May
I watched the troubles of life trickle down your face
In beads of sweat there was easy abandon
A calmness I now struggle to find
I wish I could pour me into things that way
The pureness of those hours, the lightness of air
Is still fresh in my memory
That morning spent in sod and mud
Is where I want to exist.

~Tanya S.~
Image Courtesy: Pinterest

22 thoughts on “Marigolds In May

    1. I love them too! They look like little balls of Sun the yellow ones. We use them for a lot of festivities here. They’re considered auspicious. πŸ™‚


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