What Is A Dream

What is a dream

A lapse in reality

Clouds of what I have

In a landscape unfulfilled

Your hair in tufts of grass

My body breathing Summer

Our flesh swiftly spilling

At the brink of dawn.

What is a dream

Regret and cigarette smoke

A fever breeding deep

In the layers of my mind

Unremitting thoughts

Of things beyond my grasp

What is forever mine

And all that isn’t you

On a rainy day.

~Tanya S.~

9 thoughts on “What Is A Dream

  1. You are a dictionary of sophisticated words. I donno whether that is always good or not. Everyone have their own style and am no person to direct anyone.Your poem is a definite gem, but i would like to invite you to writings which are more raw and rough, which i hope won’t be a task for a person of your caliber and it would be a shame if you don’t . I am telling this out of some freedom which you have not granted me yet. Hope that won’t be a problem. Keep excelling. regards ✌️😊

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    1. JJ, thank you for your honest feedback. I really appreciate the comment. I’m glad to know that you see potential in my poems. However I don’t take writing as a challenge. I write to vent my feelings and most of my writing is a verbal translation of what I feel. Rough and raw doesn’t work well with my emotions but well, maybe someday. Thank you once again for reading. Have a lovely day!

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