Be a troublemaker – be the rock-ribbed exception. Be an undaunted pig-head, beyond correction. Revolt in defiance against the alliance Of savages and brutes, carpers and prudes. They’ll try to unnerve with opinions and questions, Notions, convictions,  belief and perceptions. And intimidate they will with censure and hate. But be brave. Be audacious Be sweetly… Continue reading Firebrand


Struggle every day Which mask to wear today? Vizards infinite Beautiful and bright Ersatz smiles Counterfeit eyes Veneer of grace These faux façades Masking aches Different guise For different pain Each and every day. ~ By Tanya~


We spend our lives breeding bizarre eccentricities to make up for our defunct personalities, always on the lookout for someone plagued by the same complexities. In a twisted world full of tortured souls, simple love is an aberration. Simplicity can be hard to swallow when our existence is riddled with a lust for complication and… Continue reading Crawling